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About Us

About Us

Leading competitor in hygienic product manufacturer in India

Royal Herbs is a manufacturer of hygienic products. Focusing on sanitary pads, baby diapers, adult diapers and 
tissue papers. Royal Herbs provides high quality products for whenever people may need them.Founded in 2000,
Royal Herbs is India's largest privately owned major manufactures and distributors of Personal Hygiene Products.
It all started with the founder, Prakash Kumawat's vision - the idea of providing quality personal care products
at a decent price to Indians. He had always nurtured a dream of creating prosperity in his homeland.
Indeed he fulfilled his dreams in this manner as Royal Herbs has been doing well over the last 20 years.
Royal Herbs is your one stop shop for all your Hygiene needs. We offer wholesale, contract and personal use
products of highest quality. Here at Royal Hygiene we pride ourselves on a philosophy of making quality accessible
to everyone, which lies in the roots of our company's name.


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